1 - Economic Development and Planning Policy

Minutes of Strategic Policy Committee 1 (Economic Development and Planning Policy) of Sligo County Council held at 3.30pm on Thursday the 13th July, 2006 in the Council Chamber, Riverside, Sligo


  • T. McLoughlin,
  • P. Barry,
  • S. Kilgannon,
  • S. MacManus,
  • G. Healy, Chamber of Commerce
  • N. O’Driscoll, Ballisodare Community Council
  • P. Tuohy, Aclare Development Council


  • P. Forkan, Director of Services
  • B. Carolan, Senior Planner
  • H. McDonagh, Executive Technician
  • S. Ryan, Heritage Officer
  • M. Davidescu, Executive Planner
  • J McNamara, Administrative Officer
  • S. Gillen, Clerical Officer


  • D. Breen, A/Director of Services
  • J. Devins, D. Healy McGowan
  • M. Keenan, Keenan Construction Ltd
  • M. Hegarty, Administrative Officer


  • The Chairperson, Cllr. T McLoughlin, presided.


Proposed: Cllr. S. Kilgannon
Seconded: Cllr. P. Barry


“That the minutes of the Strategic Policy Committee No. 1 Meeting held on the 17th February 2006 be confirmed.”


No matters were raised under this heading.


S. Ryan, Heritage Officer, gave a presentation on the County Sligo Heritage Plan 2007 – 2011. She gave a brief overview of the current Heritage Plan 2002 – 2006. She outlined that Sligo was one of the first counties in Ireland to put in place a Heritage Forum and Heritage Plan. The aim of the forum is “to secure benefits for the heritage of County Sligo and to increase awareness, appreciation and enjoyment of it for all”. The 4 key performance areas are heritage information – collection and dissemination, local authorities & heritage management, raising awareness & appreciation and best practice in heritage conservation & management. The current heritage plan structure is being implemented through 55 actions. The plan defines collective objectives and provides a mechanism to deliver national heritage policy at local level.

There are a number of supporting measures which are, the National Heritage Plan 2002, the National Biodiversity Plan 2002, the Development Plans, the CDB – County Strategy and heritage legislation.

Siobhan gave a description of the progress to date on the current plan. There is a detailed report on the status of the heritage plan actions and also on the annual work programme delivered through the Heritage plan process by the Forum. Over 90% of the actions have been addressed directly or indirectly.

There will be a review of each action listed in the current Heritage Plan which will assist with an external evaluation, public consultation and preparation of the new plan. The external evaluation will be as per the Heritage Council evaluation guidelines. The steps involved in the preparation of the new heritage plan are broadly followed in the plan timetable provided. 111 people contributed to the Heritage Plan in the form of written submissions. There were 32 submissions in total.

The Draft Heritage Plan needs to be adopted at the full Council meeting in October but it will be necessary to have it first approved by the SPC members. A special September meeting of the SPC was requested and agreed.


Mr. Carolan informed the meeting that confirmation had been received from the Department of Transport that the Minister had made an order on 13th June 2006 transferring the property rights, liabilities and the staff of Sligo Harbour Commissioners to Sligo County Council.

He indicated that it was proposed to operate the port without change for the present but in terms of the long term development it would be necessary to prepare a master plan for the entire area.

This would involve consultation with all stakeholders, interested parties and the general public. He stated that a number of proposals were received, one of which was to extend the Port over to the Quay area.

Mr. Carolan indicated that it would be necessary to carry out a detailed survey and examination of all activities and leases to act as a basis for the future planning and decision making. He stated that the Port had considerable potential for commercial development and also for leisure activities (water based) but added that there were a number of constraints to be considered, e.g. lease holders, local industry and safety issues. It was agreed that the Harbour should be maintained as a working Port. The members were informed that informal discussion had taken place with the Department regarding a Regeneration Project, which would address dereliction, and also the possibility of a Tax Incentive Scheme for the area.

The members welcomed the development of the master plan but expressed concern over delays regarding leases. Cllr. Kilgannon queried the position regarding compensation for business people who would be required to relocate.

He was informed that it was proposed to accommodate them, where possible, on lands within the docklands area, or alternatively on a site within the environs. The members expressed a wish that Mr. Seamus Monaghan continue to participate in any future plans concerning the Port.

It was agreed by the members that a trip to view Derry City Harbour should be arranged at the earliest possible date.

It was proposed to keep this item on the agenda for the September meeting.


M. Davidescu circulated handouts which covered the mini-Plans calendar, and also gave the members an update on the concerns raised, at the Public consultation meeting, with regard to the mini plans for Carney, Coolaney, and Dromore West. A number of the Councillors questioned the practicality of having Mini Plans.

Mr. Carolan indicated that the purpose of a Mini plan was

  • To control development
  • Provide the local authority with Affordable and Social Housing
  • Enable applicant’s avail of grants, the payment of same being subject to the lands being compliant with Planning Policy.

Both Cllr. Barry and Cllr. Kilgannon stated that the residents of Carney did not want any further development in their village.

Mr. Carolan informed the meeting that the villages of Aclare, Tourlestrane and Banada required the preparation of mini plans together with Mullaghmore/Cliffoney and also Rosses Point/Ballincar. He suggested that the members discuss and put forward, at a future meeting, options for a further group of mini plans.


The meeting concluded at 5.10pm.

The date for the next meeting is Monday 25th September at 11a.m.

Meeting Date 13/07/2006