Local Improvement Scheme


Eligible projects include:- 

  • Those determined as most requiring attention on a county-wide basis.
  • Projects which provide access to parcels of land of which at least two are owned or occupied by different persons engaged in separate agricultural activities, or provides access for harvesting purposes (including turf or seaweed) for two or more persons or shall in the opinion of the county council be used by the public.


The following projects do not comply with the conditions of the Scheme:-

  • Roads serving only houses or buildings occupied or used by persons not engaged in agriculture.
  • Roads serving only Council cottages, ie, non-vested cottages.
  • Roads or drains on bogs being developed commercially for large scale turf production for sale.
  • Drainage works only. 



  • Priority will be given to projects most requiring attention in the county as a whole.
  • The work must be strictly necessary and not merely ordinary maintenance or of a kind which the applicants could reasonably be expected to do for themselves.  In any case, the estimated cost of the work must not be less than €2,000.
  • The Local Contribution should be paid as a single sum – the amounts to be paid by the individual beneficiaries is a matter to be decided between the beneficiaries with the single sum handed over by the contact person for the scheme to Sligo County Council.  The Council will not be involved in trying to collect monies from beneficiaries other than a contact/liaison person.
  • Contributions in kind, e.g free labour or materials, will not be accepted in lieu of cash.  Applicants will be paid reasonable prices for any road metal or other materials that may be required from them.  All materials forming part of a bridge or other structure to be demolished and replaced by a new structure, will be available for use if necessary, and without charge, in connection with the execution of the work.
  • The contributors and any other persons whose lands or interests appear to be affected by the proposed work must, when required, prior to the commencement of operation, sign the prescribed form giving their full consent to the execution of the work including entry to their lands.
  • The applicants must arrange amongst themselves for the provision without cost to Sligo County Council of any lands, which may be required for the construction, or widening of the roadway or drain as the case may be.
  • Sligo County Council will employ the necessary labour and will arrange to carry out the work subject to the conditions that:-
    • The General Services Supervisor in charge of the work will be appointed by the Council.
    • No person, whether a contributor or not, whose interests are affected will impede the execution of the work by making unreasonable demands on the General Services Supervisor or other official in charge.
    • Road metal and other materials can be obtained from the applicants or other local sources at reasonable prices.
    • Workers can be secured at the standard rates of wages.

Failing the fulfilment of any of these conditions, the work would not be put in hands and if already started, would be closed down and any unexpended portion of the applicant’s contribution returned to them through their representative.

  • The payment of a contribution by the applicants will not constitute a claim to employment on the work.
  • Sligo County Council, in their discretion, will decide on the specification of the work to be done and on the best manner of carrying it out, and the applicants shall not have any claim against the Council for any imperfection which may exist in the finished work, nor for any failure to complete the full amount of the work which was envisaged.
  • Sligo County Council will expend upon the work the sum agreed upon (i.e Engineers Estimate), and in the event of that sum not being sufficient to complete the entire work specified, the Council will not have any liability to be bound to expend on the work for its completion any sum in addition to the agreed sum, but the making of a supplementary grant will be considered on its merits if the applicants so request and agree to pay such sum as may be required by way of additional local contribution.
  • When the work has been carried out, the applicants shall maintain it in good order and repair at their own charge and expense, and Sligo county Council will not have any liability for the maintenance of the work.
Local Improvement Scheme Application 2017 (PDF) - 30 kbs  PDF