Temporary Closing of Roads - Lower Quay Street (L-90153-0)

Notice is hereby given of the intention of Sligo County Council to close Lower Quay Street (L-90153-0) to all public vehicular traffic.

This closure is to facilitate Irish Water in construction of the “Sligo City Watermain Rehabilitation and Pearse Road Sewer Network Project”.

The alternative route for traffic will be as follows:

Traffic travelling North along Union Street intending to turn right onto Lower Quay Street will be diverted left onto Lynn’s Place then left onto Michael Conlon Road and then left onto Lord Edward Street; continue straight onto Wine Street, then left onto Quay Street, where detour will end.

Traffic travelling south along Queen’s Store Road intending to turn left onto Lower Quay Street will be diverted straight to continue along Union Street; then turn left onto Wine Street and then left onto Quay Street where detour will end.

Traffic travelling west along Lower New Street intending to continue straight onto Lower Quay Street will be diverted left onto Quay Street; then right onto Wine Street, then right onto Union Street to continue straight to junction with Lynn’s Place where detour will end.

The period of the proposed closure will be from 14th November 2017 to 23rd December, 2017.

Any persons aggrieved by the proposed closure may lodge a written objection setting out the grounds thereof with the Director of Services, Infrastructural Services Section, Sligo County Council, Riverside, Sligo, not later than 16:00 on Wednesday, 1st November, 2017.

For further information please contact Mr. Padraic Keveney on 071911 1493. 

T. Kilfeather
Director of Services